We have returned to the internet permanently in all forms we previously occupied. Not only are we back, we’re planning to amp up how much content we produce on a weekly basis. Our end goal is to constantly and consistently release 7 pieces of content a week, with 3 extra clips a week. Below is a full breakdown of the planned schedule.

Monday – Foreign sweets and drinks reviews
Tuesday – All That Dope Sh1t podcast & One clip from previous week’s podcast on Facebook, generally an interview.
Wednesday – BTN Eats Lies where we review vegan, gluten free, lactose free etc… Foods and alternatives.
Thursday – Besides The Norm podcast & One clip from previous week’s podcast on Facebook and a throwback Thursday from when we started Besides The Norm, also on Facebook.
Friday – Foreign sweets and drinks reviews & Scuba’s weekly Friday music show, which will generally have a specific theme, given the week before.
Saturday – Scuba’s weekly Saturday music show, which will generally just be popular music and requests.
Sunday – Generally there will be nothing released on a Sunday, though there may be exceptions, depending on what happens during the week. If we have too much content, Sunday is when that’s released. But that won’t be consistent.

This will probably take 2 – 3 weeks to get started and stay consistent as we are still waiting on a couple of things to be delivered before we can do reviews. But after that happens, the videos will be and stay consistent.

Of course, things can change, with new ideas, old ideas not being fun anymore or products no longer existing. If anything like this changes the schedule, the website will be updated, the schedule on our YouTube page will be changed and it’ll also be documented on Facebook. You’ll be told in advance.