BTN Media isn’t free to run. There’s a consistent, running cost of around £85 – £100 every single month. Between paying for products to review, extra vegan stuff, challenge stuff, website domain and hosting, spreaker etc… Not including working time, use of electricity, internet or anything like that. It’s a lot of money to produce free content. It will always be free, we’ll never put anything behind a paywall, but any donations would help out tremendously.

There’s different tiers you could join on, which you can see on the link below or the “P” logo to the right. This includes a sponsorship tier, which will always be limited to three. The sponsorship tier allows artists, small businesses, local people, whatever, to have us advertise their business/product for a month. A month of sponsoring means 8 podcasts, at least and at least 12 videos. It will also probably include posts on social media, as well, but no promises on how many. Of course, this is there for people who want us to advertise their stuff. But if you just have $50 burning a hole in your pocket, we won’t refuse your custom, part with that cash as much as you like, we’ll very much appreciate it and it will definitely go to a good cause.

But if you don’t, you can also help us out with $2 a month. Or nothing, as said, we’ll never put content behind a paywall. This will only ever be a voluntary act of kindness.

You can visit our Patreon by clicking here or by clicking the Patreon logo on the right hand side of the website.