The month of March, from now on, will be science month. We have lots of confirmed, pre-recorded and planned podcasts (all dates are already recorded, so won’t change) with current and ex scientists on an array of different scientific topics. Not every title is the person’s current job, but is the main reason they have been added to our month of science. We will add future names here and on Facebook after those podcasts have been recorded. We also have a special guest, who we will announce separately after their podcast has been recorded, just to protect for issues.

As well as the multiple podcasts we have scheduled, we also asked our scientist friends to send us some myths and some fun facts to post every weekday of March. We also added a couple from a couple of different places, including from us, just to feel included, though be clear we aren’t scientists, so our myth is very much less credible than the rest.

We have put a lot of money into this, so if you fancy contributing, we have a shop, among other ways to support us (just listening to the podcast helps), which will be linked in the linktree below.