Studio Use

Over the years, BTN Media has accrued a varied list of equipment and have been lucky enough to have a dedicated space in the living room to make into a studio. That space, along with all the equipment listed below can be rented for as little as £15 an hour. This price can increase, depending on what other services you may rely on at the same time, for instance, needing someone to run the sound for your podcast, edit your video, do the filming for you, etc… If you let us know, we can arrange a more personalised quote.

View of the studio from 2016

Studio Equipment list:
High Spec PC suitable for editing High Quality Audio/HD Video & Streaming Audio/Video
2 Monitors
Numark Mixtrack Pro
2 x Kam RZ12A V3 Active Speakers 1000W
2 Gorilla Speaker Stands
Rodecaster Pro Audio Interface
Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ82 4K Camera
Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ200 1080P Camera
Rode Videomic Pro
2 Camera Tripods
2 Lightboxes
Background Stand
Rode NT1A Condenser Microphone
3X Audio Technica AT-2020 Condenser Microphones