BTN Media was originally started off as a single podcast called Desert Island Dicks. With future plans of dealing with politics and speaking to people with more serious backgrounds, it was decided the jokey name wouldn’t work out well. Besides The Norm podcast was born.

The initial plan for the Besides The Norm podcast was to speak to people outside of normal jobs and hobbies. This started off well with discussions with a breakdancer in their 50’s, a minister with the church of Scotland and the most popular podcast to date – an Edinburgh based dominatrix. That plan then expanded and the decision was made to encompass everything done by Monk & Scuba under a new company of BTN Media. With two new podcasts being brought under the name. All That Dope Shit & BTN News. ATDS being a weekly hip hop show, BTN News being a weekly news and discussion podcast. So at that point, BTN Media became a podcast network with three podcasts, a film and photography company, DJ’ing company and offered studio use.

Fast forward to 2020 and lockdown. Multiple, inconsistent attempts to come back, and a few breaks later, BTN Media returned more fired up than ever. BTN still hosts three different podcasts. Two weekly podcasts, one discussing and showcasing hip hop and another as a general discussion and showcasing podcast for Scottish people and acts. As well as the DJ’ing and filming still being part of the company, there are also plans to expand even further later in the year.